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Go-Pro Alumni

The Go-Pro Pathway Program is offered to our 'elite' players, in fact only the top 5% are considered for the Go- Pro GPP Program.


These players maintain or exceed the target scores as required in our Go-Pro PPI Curriculum, show the skill and attitude to become a top player and have the opportunity to be showcased in front of professional clubs, US coaches and talent scouts.


This program is  managed by ex Manchester United Pro Kirk Hilton and features some of the latest innovative training features in world class football today.

The Program offers:

  • Training trackers

  • On App feedback

  • Monthly sessions with other GPP players-all age groups

  • On App 90 second promo video which is accessible to scouts (by invitation only)

  • Access to ‘pathway‘ to UK Pro Clubs  and US  College football opportunities.


Dubai Footbal Scholarships
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