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Who We Are

Go-Pro Sports Football Academy Dubai started over 8 years ago, part of the vision of the Go-Pro’s Director, Kirk Hilton was to establish the best Girls Football Academy in Dubai.  Kirk, an ex-Manchester United pro player and UEFA B licensed coach personally oversees the Go-Pro Girls football training curriculum and works closely with other sporting professionals to bring the Go-Pro Girls program a holistic edge that brings a whole new facet to girls football in the Dubai region.

In our 2016-17 and 2017-2018 seasons alone, the Go-Pro Girls Football Academy won 13 trophies including league titles at every age group and several tournament wins. The most recent and prestigious, being crowned U18 Champions in the DU La Liga tournament and being named the best girls team in the UAE for the second year running. 

Girls Football Best in Dubai

The Go-Pro Sports Curriculum

The Go-Pro Sports Football Academy Curriculum is THE most effective and comprehensive player assessment tool in the UAE. It provides each player in our academy with holistic feedback tailored to their individual footballing ability. Created and designed by our own Go-Pro UEFA certified coaches, specifically for player assessment and goal setting, it is the benchmark for measuring and demonstrating the progress of all players in our professional training environment.


Our football curriculum has been recognised internationally by a number of educational institutions and football academies, this has enabled several of our Go-Pro players to realize their ambitions and advance in their football careers.

The Academy


The Go-Pro Girls Football Academy offers fantastic coaching to girls of all abilities from 8-18 years old. This includes recreational training for those who want to play football socially without the competitive aspect, as well as training provided for those who want to compete at squad level.

Go-Pro Girls Football Academy strive to create a professional and nurturing environment for all players to achieve their goals and become the best footballers they can be. Go-Pro's holistic approach to our girls training program offers the additional benefits of nutrition and fitness sessions, yoga and specific health sessions for our young female players.

Go-Pro Elite Program

The Go-Pro Girls Football Academy Elite Programme caters for girls who not only want to compete in leagues, but also wish to be considered for our Go Pro Pathway (GPP) programme, reserved for our best players.


This exclusively designed Go-Pro Football Academy program provides a pathway for our elite players to gain professional contracts from clubs, or scholarships from colleges and universities in the United States. The players’ complete fitness tests, nutritional guidance and training programme trackers, which helps create a portfolio ready for the next step in their football career.

Go-Pro’s success stories include some of our most elite players gaining scholarships to top universities in the United States as well as signing for professional English clubs such as Sunderland Ladies FC.  Read more about our success stories here!

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